This legislation affects areas near Bishop including Rock Creek, South Lake and Coyote Flat and would/could affect hunting, fishing and 4-wheeling (ANY motorized vehicle travel) along with a host of other outdoor activities.

The last day to submit comments is 18 November 2013!

Here is a news release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Here is a USFS (PowerPoint) presentation from 4 September 2013
Sacramento Fish & Wildlife Office – Public Advisory (August 30, 2013)

Comments are now being accepted again. The comment period is open till November 18, 2013. Here is a relese from the US Fish and Wildlife Service with some quesions and answers…

Critical Habitat for Three Sierra Amphibians Q&A

Here are the proposed listing rule and the proposed critical habitat rule: (There is a link on each page that will take you to the comments section.)

Proposed Listing Rule
Proposed Critical Habitat Rule

Information and documents can be found here: Yellow Legged Frog

A local community (Bishop) website: Stop the Yellow Legged Frog