Club Trip

Queens Canyon and Red Rock Mine

June 26, 2021

We will leave the Von’s parking lot at 8 am. We are going up queen canyon (we turn off hwy. 6 about 4 miles before you get to the bottom of Montgomery pass) we will then go up into the white mountains, over the ridge, down trail canyon, have lunch, then over to red rock mine. We take a side road before we get to the top of queen canyon pass that will take us to a ridge that overlooks Montgomery pass and has a great view of the Sierra mtns. This side road has brush and trees that will scrape your vehicle. We have to come back down the same side road (it is about a 30 minute side trip) so you can stay at the start of that road if you don’t want to go through the brush. There is no other brush to scrape your vehicle on the rest of the run. We will see old mine sites and buildings in queen canyon and red rock mine has several old buildings 2 of which are constructed of rock and adobe. We go down into Fish Lake valley and over Montgomery pass on the way home. Round trip is approx 150 miles and we will get home about 4 pm +/- an hour depending on how much time we spend looking at things. There are a few rocky areas and you will use 4 wheel drive low range 1st or 2nd gear depending on your vehicle as there are some steep sections of the road.