The Wrench

The hotly contested, and widely sought after, wrench trophy has been located. It is being safely guarded in a vault awaiting it’s next victim. There was some discussion about awarding it to Kary S of the Forest Service. In typical ES4WD Club manner, she missed the first turn as she led the group to the guzzler planting. She is not officially a Club member so there is some concern about letting this valuable award go beyond the reach of the Club, so she will not get it.
For those members that have not had the opportunity to proudly display this award upon their mantle, be bold and step up to the plate. Be a hitter, step out of the box and establish a worthy goal for 2021.
We laugh a lot about the wrench award but the real purpose is to learn about things that can go wrong when we go off the highway. Some of us (like me) have earned the award several times, some wear it as a badge of honor, some despise it and avoid it at all cost. Depending on the age of your vehicle and your willingness to take risks, the trophy could be unavoidable.