4×4 Rescue

December 24, 2018

On the afternoon of Christmas eve the Club received a phone call from a stressed out young couple. They had tried to find some remote hot springs southeast of Mammoth and were stuck in the mud. They were by themselves and had four wheel drive but could not get free. Fortunately two of our Club members, Mike Nolan and Joe Diko, were available and able to find there location. They were able to pull free the vehicle and everybody made it out unscathed.

This is a reminder to all of us of just how yucky the mud can be. This time of the year the road surfaces are very unpredictable with snow, mud and ice. Night time temperatures can be very low and storms can blow in quickly. Be very careful if you go into the back country. Every winter we seem to get calls like this one and some episodes could be life threatening. Fortunately these folks had cell service and recognized they were in big trouble.


— Mike Johnston, President