Club Trip

Teel’s Marsh, Marietta & Moho Mountain

November 18, 2023

Meet at the Von’s parking lot S. of the gas station at 8:30.
We will be going over to an area called Teel’s marsh which is a valley where Marietta Nevada is. Marietta is where an old town was that was established approximately in 1875. You can still see old rock walls of a large store and other old structures that have collapsed.
The whole valley is designated a wild burro sanctuary by the BLM. On our pre-run we saw approximately 75 to 80 wild burros and 4 antelope up close, we had to wait for them to get off the road. There is an old house that is still useable and two different springs that have water in them this time of year.
The main area that we will visit is a site where Francis “Borax” Smith got his start. There is an old mill site (what is left of it) that was built more than 125 years ago. Borax Smith went on to operate the borax operations in Death Valley and the 20 mule teams that hauled the Borax out of Death Valley. After visiting Marietta we go up on Moho mountain where a lot of mining activity took place.
4×4 low range, low gears will be needed on Moho mountain only.
Bring a lunch and clothing for any weather we may have on Saturday. Also make sure you have a full tank of gas. We should be back in Bishop by 4 pm give or take an hour or so.
This will be an interesting run especially if you haven’t been to this area before.